[URGENT NOTIFICATION] Mandatory Migration from v1.1 to v1.2 for PB API Products Subscribers

Since PSD2 has been put into effect, Second Factor Authentication (SCA) processes changed to adapt to the directive's provisions.
PSD2 APIs support the new functionality by design. On the contrary, the first group of API products released on rAPIdLink, PB APIs under v1.1 were not designed to implement and support the changed process, so subcribers of PB API Products v1.1 are invited to subcribe to the new version, PB API Products v1.2.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an organization?

When logged in, click on the user menu and select “Create an Organization”. You can have multiple organizations managed by a single account.

How long is the ExtraPin valid for?

Once you receive the ExtraPin token you have to use it within 2 minutes. After its validation, the ExtraPin is valid until session expiration ...

How do I manage my account?

When logged in, click on the user menu (by clicking on your email address at the upper right corner of the Portal Header) and select the first item on the menu ...