Cookies Policy

rAPIdLink uses "cookies" to collect information facilitating the website’s proper and continuous operation.


What are Cookies?

A cookie is a file sent and downloaded on your device to store data that can be updated and collected by the entity that installed it.


Cookies on this Website

rAPIdLink may use both its own and third-party cookies to improve the provided services, customize the website, improve users experience during navigation and track and resolve issues.

There are several types of cookies:

  • Based on their purpose, there are technical, geolocation, personalization, analysis, advertising and behavioral advertising cookies.
  • Based on their lifespan, i.e. the duration of their existence on the user’s device prior to expiration, cookies are distinguished into session and persistent.
  • Based on the entity managing the cookies, a domain can use its own and/or third-party cookies.

Among those cookies, some are mandatory for navigation in a website and others support optional features that enable the collection of information regarding your preferences and website customization based on your particular interests.

Currently, the following three domain-owned technical cookies are created and used, out of which two are persistent and one expires on session termination.



Managing Cookies

Users can manage (allow, block or delete) the cookies installed on their device by changing the configuration settings of their installed browsers:


Granting & Revoking Consent

When the user visits rAPIdLink, they are instantly informed that upon granting consent, the website may use cookies on their device, in order to gather information that will help enhance the user’s experience and the website’s functionality by storing their preferences for future reference.

To accept the use of cookies, the user only has to press the “OK, I agree” button on the respective notification bar on the bottom of the page. Once they accept, a new cookie is stored, ensuring that this notification is not displayed until the cookie is deleted or expires.

The user may at any time revoke consent in relation to this Cookies Policy by deleting the cookies stored on the computer through the configuration and settings of your Internet browser, as listed above.

Not consenting to the use of cookies neither blocks nor hinders this website’s display or navigation across its pages. It may, however, constrain rAPIdLink’s ability to successfully provide certain services.


Changes to the Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy may be amended at any time in case of legislation changes or website modifications require its update.

You may review this policy every time you visit rAPIdLink, or as often as you wish, to be fully informed about the current status in this website’s use of cookies.


Contact Us

In case you have any doubt, comment or suggestion regarding rAPIdLink’s Cookies Policy you may contact us via the website’s Contact page.