[UPDATED 2020-07-08] Latest PSD2 AIS v3.0 features

The current release of PSD2 AIS v3.0 has been updated with several enhancements, which further improve its performance and speed and facilitate the TPPs in data retrieval.

[UPDATE 2020-07-08]
To fully comply with the latest implementation guidelines of Berlin Group NextGenXS2A Framework, the following improvements and additions have been made to PSD2 AIS v3.0 endpoints related with accounts and card-accounts:

  1. Both account and card-account list and details endpoints now contain the following fields:
      • displayName: the account name (alias), as defined by the PSU  within online channels
      • name: name of the account, as assigned by the ASPSP, in order to provide an additional means of identification of the account. In card accounts, it is used to distinguish cards between primary and add-on. In account details, it provides the account kind (e.g. joint tenant account).
      • ownerName: in account or card-account details, it provides the name of the primary beneficiary or the card holder respectively.

  2. Card Balances include the following types (matching the respective headers in the online interface, i.e. winbank):
      • authorised: refers to the card's total Spending Limit. It often matches the card's Credit Limit.
      • closingBooked: refers to the card's Last Statement Balance.
      • interimAvailable: refers to the card's Available Balance.
      • interimBookedrefers to the card's Current Balance.


[UPDATE 2020-06-22]

  1. Maximum number of transactions per page returned by the respective endpoints of both accounts and card-accounts has been increased to 50 transactions/page, so as to minimize the number of required calls
  2. Improved input validation and error handling.
  3. A new section has been added in Technical Docs, regarding Sandbox & PSD2 APIs.