We are happy to announce that the newest version of our PSD2 PIS API is available as of April 20th, 2021.
To facilitate a seamless incorporation of our latest features into your applications, a new product has been released. Built upon the previous version (3.0), PSD2 PIS v3.1 includes several enhancements for faster results, better performance and more efficient error handling, as well as a few key additions presented in the release notes below.
To access the new API, you need to subscribe to the new product, PSD2 PIS v3.1, that you can access through our Developer Portal.
You should take into account that the old version will still be available during the following three months. Then, the product PSD2 PIS v3.0 will be deprecated.

PSD2 PIS v3.1 Release Notes

  1. The interface consistently relies on Berlin Group XS2A Framework, but also includes some additional fields for the user to provide extra information about payments. PaymentInitiation_Json object now includes: chargeTypepriorityreason and requestedExecutionDate. The definition and valid values of all four fields are available in the product's documentation.
  2. The field remittanceInformationUnstructured will no longer be used to provide comments about the payment in stringified json format. Instead, you may use reason, which is a plain string field.
  3. Improved error handling.